The Scheme

TCH Salsa is a new scheme which enables employees to acquire a brand new car every 2 or 3 years under a Salary Sacrifice arrangement with their employer. By agreeing to a reduction in your salary which goes towards paying the monthly rental for your car, you can save an amount of tax and national insurance on the remainder of your salary. Although you have to pay company car tax, because the use of the vehicle by your employer is classed as a ‘benefit in kind’, the tax and NI savings far outweigh the company car tax. Every vehicle supplied on the scheme includes road tax, all routine servicing and maintenance, breakdown cover, all tyre replacements, and fixed premium, fully comprehensive insurance (with up to two additional drivers if required) for the whole of the Salary Sacrifice scheme contract. All you have to budget for on top of this is your fuel!

By choosing TCH Salsa to supply your new car you get the benefit of our bulk buying power from the car manufacturers which you cannot get as a retail customer – this means lower monthly rentals. With our Salary Sacrifice scheme you can drive your new car safe in the knowledge that with TCH Assist, you and your vehicle will be well looked after during the course of the contract. We can book services for you, arrange tyre replacements at your convenience either at our supplier’s premises or at your home or office and if you are unfortunate to have an accident, our Accident Management service will take over with just one phone call.


What is included in the Car Salary Sacrifice arrangement?

The package is extremely comprehensive and incorporates;

  • All servicing and maintenance costs
  • The cost of all Tyre replacements and repairs
  • Fixed cost motor insurance for the term
  • Road tax for the term of your contract (at the prevailing rate)
  • Full vehicle roadside breakdown and recovery service

You just have to pay for Fuel and ‘Top up’ oils


Could I get a similar deal by visiting my local franchised motor dealer?

No, the tax, NlC and fleet discount savings are only available via a salary sacrifice arrangement through your employer.

When will my car be ready for delivery?

This varies greatly depending on the car chosen. Typically the waiting time is between 8 – 14 weeks. An estimated delivery date will be available once the order is placed. If you have the need for a car within a short space of time call us on 0114 257 4200 and we will see what is available in stock or production which may be quicker.

How will the tax on the benefit in kind charged be taken from me?

Your employer will notify the Tax Office when you take delivery of a car. The Tax Office will issue a tax code change which payroll will apply in order that the benefit in kind tax can be collected monthly from your salary. In some instances where HMRC cannot process the car details for new cars within the tax coding before the end of the tax year there may be some adjustments regarding the collection of tax following the tax year end. We strongly recommend that you telephone your local revenue office once your vehicle has been delivered and advise them that you now have a company car. They will need you to provide them with your national insurance number the vehicle description, P11d value and g/km CO2 emissions.

Is this a change to my terms and conditions of employment?

Yes. In order for the car scheme to be effective your employer will need to make amendments to your Terms and Conditions of employment in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 of the Employment Rights Act 1996. You will be agreeing to these changes when you sign the vehicle order form and employee agreement.

What makes and models are available?

All manufacturers are represented on the scheme but some vehicles with high CO2 emissions (160g/km+) may not be available. Low CO2 emitting vehicles are financially the most attractive.

What is a benefit in kind?

The provision of a car under a salary sacrifice arrangement constitutes a Company Car arrangement and therefore triggers a benefit in kind charge. The benefit is calculated by reference to a percentage related to the CO2 emissions and list price of the vehicle. This CO2 related percentage determines the level of taxable benefit in kind an employee is charged by the revenue, i.e. the lower the emissions the lower the effective tax rate.

When will the salary sacrifice take effect?

You may see the reduction in your salary within the month your car is delivered dependent on the date delivered, alternatively the reduction will take place in the following month.

Will my benefit in kind charge change in the future?

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is keen to encourage drivers to use vehicles that are as green as possible. If you take a vehicle under the scheme high CO2 emitting models may be restricted by your employer, the appropriate benefit in kind percentage related to your vehicle can be found at

I already participate in a salary sacrifice scheme. Can I participate in the car scheme as well?

Yes. You will be able to participate in the car scheme providing your Adjusted Salary (post sacrifice salary) is not reduced below one of the following:
• National Minimum Wage, or;
• The NlC Primary Earnings Threshold
Eligibility, is subject to the combined amount of all salary sacrifice arrangements not resulting in your Adjusted Salary falling below the above thresholds.

Will my benefit in kind charge change in the future?

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is keen to encourage drivers to use vehicles that are as green as possible. If you take a vehicle under the scheme high CO2 emitting models may be restricted by your employer, the appropriate benefit in kind percentage related to your vehicle can be found at

What if I resign?

If you leave employment for any reason you must return your car to TCH Leasing. The only exception is if your new employer is prepared to novate the lease into their name and operate a salary sacrifice arrangement for you. If you leave voluntarily, you will be required to pay a fee for early termination from your final salary. The amount of the fee will depend upon how much your vehicle costs to lease and the remaining term on your contract. If the fee exceeds your final salary payment, you may be required to reimburse your employer for any excess. If you are made redundant, your employer may cover any early termination costs arising dependant on the severance package agreed. If after the return of the vehicle there are any damage or excess mileage charges due, these will be charged to you.

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