The TCH Salsa Car Shopper

TCH Salsa enables you to acquire a brand new car every 2 or 3 years under a Salary Sacrifice arrangement with your employer. By choosing TCH Salsa to supply your new car you get the benefit of our bulk buying power from the car manufacturers which you cannot get as a retail customer – this means lower monthly rentals.

With our new Car Shopper tool, you can now find your perfect vehicle by searching for body style, engine size, fuel, C02 emissions or budget. It’s simple and FREE to see how much you could save through the TCH Salsa scheme. You’ll also find a wide range of special offers.

The price quoted in the registered users area, is the amount of salary sacrifice that you will be required to make. When you are happy with the package and the cost, you can process your order online and then you will be contacted by us to progress.


Try the New TCH Salsa

Car Shopper

To begin, simply register for the first time below, or if you have already joined the scheme, you can login now.




What cars are available on the scheme?

All manufacturers are represented on the scheme but some vehicles with high CO2 emissions (160g/km+) may not be available. Low CO2 emitting vehicles are financially the most attractive and you’ll find a huge selection of options available using the car shopper tool.


Will I recieve a discount?

Yes – By becoming part of the TCH Salsa scheme you’ll benefit from our bulk buying power from car manufactures – already factored into the prices shown. Prices also include fully comprehensive insurance unless otherwise stated.  Please note that vehicle pricing changes on a regular basis and each quotation will be subject to ratification against current prices at the time you place an order.

What about the maintenance?

The TCH Salsa package is extremely comprehensive and incorporates all servicing and maintenance costs. With a Salary Sacrifice car all vehicle warranty conditions must be adhered to, including regular surviving and maintenance. Manufacturers require that servicing and maintenance is undertaken by an authorised service agent from TCH Leasing.

What about accessories?

You can add any factory fitted options you wish to the vehicle. If these are not available via the online quotation system, please e-mail for assistance.