Fair Wear and Tear Guide

What are you covered for?

Fair Wear and Tear Guide

Here at TCH Salsa, we can understand that wear and tear costs can cause confusion.  So we have made our Fair Wear and Tear Guide available online.

At the end of the lease you can either arrange for the vehicle to be collected or ask for a purchase price as an individual. Please note, your company cannot purchase your lease vehicle for you. Our collections department can be reached by dialling 0845 408 2000.

The TCH Salsa Fair Wear and Tear policy covers:

  • General appearance, road safety, documentation and keys.

  • Paintwork, vehicle body, bumpers and trim.

  • Windows, glass, door mirrors and lamps.

  • Tyres and wheels.

  • Mechanical condition.

  • Vehicle interior.

  • Equipment and controls.

Information relating to our Fair Wear & Tear policy is available to download below, and is backed by the BVRLA. Click below to view our Fair Wear and Tear guide.