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Optimising Electric Vehicle Performance: Charging Tips

Welcome to the world of electric vehicles! If you've recently acquired a brand-new electric car through our salary sacrifice car programme, you're probably eager to ensure it runs smoothly for years to come. Amidst the abundance of information on electric car maintenance, one piece of advice stands out: keep your battery charge at a maximum of 80%. Let's separate the facts from the fiction to help you make informed decisions about your electric car's charging habits.

Why Charge to Only 80%?

Maintaining your car's battery health is crucial, and here's why: Lithium-Ion batteries, commonly found in electric vehicles, operate most efficiently between the 20% and 80% charge range. Charging beyond 80% requires the battery to work harder, impacting its long-term health. Opting for a charging routine between 20% and 80% ensures smoother operation and longevity for your battery.

Is Charging to 100% Bad?

Charging your car fully to 100% won't cause immediate harm. However, it is recommended only when absolutely necessary, such as before embarking on an extended journey. Regularly charging to full capacity may overwork the battery and shorten its lifespan. To enhance longevity, keep the habit of charging up to 80% for everyday use.

Managing Charging When Away

Understanding that you won't always be present during charging sessions, most electric cars and chargers come equipped with built-in features. These allow you to pre-select the desired charge level, ensuring your battery stays within the optimal 20% to 80% range even when you're not around.

Does It Really Save Time?

Charging from 10% to 80% can take as long as charging from 80% to 100%. This counterintuitive phenomenon occurs because the charging process slows down as the battery approaches full capacity. For longer journeys, it might be more efficient to charge to 80%, continue driving, and then top up at a faster rate later. Larger battery cars tend to have a more efficient charging range between 20% and 80%, allowing them to add more miles quickly during that interval.

In conclusion, adhering to the 80% charging guideline is a proactive approach to ensure your electric car's battery health, efficiency and longevity. As you enjoy the benefits of your electric vehicle through our salary sacrifice car programme, these charging practices will contribute to a seamless driving experience. Happy driving!


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