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Vehicle Lead Times

With car delivery times often coming in at a staggering 18 months - 2 years, there’s never been a better time to secure your order with TCH Salsa!

This is because we can get some cars within 2 - 4 months from the date of order, with most orders coming in between 3 and 9 months – much faster than what some manufacturers quote for their delivery times.

If you place an order with us for delivery in the near or distant future:

  • TCH will not charge you to cancel your order if your circumstances change prior to the delivery of your car.

  • There will be no deposit to pay upfront – you will still only start paying for the car in the payroll month AFTER delivery

  • You may also be able to lock in the monthly rental when you order, regardless of when the car is delivered!

3 fantastic reasons to place your order now with TCH Salsa.

One this is for certain though, the quicker you place your order, the quicker you join the queue for your brand-new car!


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