Taking your vehicle abroad?

Here is all you need to know...


Planning on Travelling Abroad? Don't worry...

If you're planning to take your TCH Salsa vehicle abroad either for business or pleasure, you'll need to ensure you obtain a VE103 Vehicle on Hire Certificate. This entitles you to drive the vehicle in any EU member state.

A VE103B Vehicle on Hire certificate is a legal requirement for overseas travel in a leased or rented vehicle, especially during the holidays - a photocopy is not acceptable. For this reason, it is important you give us sufficient notice to accommodate the postal service. The certificate contains details of the vehicle taken from the V5, along with the name and address of the hirer and enables the authorities to verify that the person driving the vehicle has permission to do so. The VE103B is the only legal substitute for the registration document (V5). Photocopies of the V5 or letters of authority are not accepted.

What happens if a hire vehicle is caught without a VE103B?

The consequences will vary according to the country, the law enforcement agency and even the time of day in which the vehicle was stopped. The driver may be fined or the vehicle may be impounded. Without a VE103B your customer and your vehicle are unprotected and vulnerable to a potentially major inconvenience.

If you would like us to issue you with a VE103 Certificate, please call our Travel Abroad helpdesk on 0333 0146 059. Alternatively, You can order the certificate by downloading the form below and e-mailing it back to us, along with a copy of your driving licence, at travelabroad@tchleasing.co.uk Once we receive your completed form and licence copy, we will issue the certificate and post it to the provided address.

Please note:  The address which you provide for delivery must match the address which is on your drivers licence.