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Electric Vehicle Guide

Download our ‘Guide to electric vehicles’ below

Special Offers at TCH Salsa​

Here at TCH Salsa, we have a series of Electric Vehicles to help you make the most of your Salary Sacrifice scheme. Available on a vast array of makes and models, from City Cars to SUVs, we’re sure to have the right offer on the right car to suit your personal needs.

We know Electric Vehicles (EV) can be confusing, so to help we’ve produced a handy guide. You can download it here view our EV booklet now!

2022 guide coming soon...

What is Salary Sacrifice?​

TCH Salsa enables you to acquire a brand new car every two or three years with all the costs included in one simple package. All you have to budget for on top is the cost of your fuel!

Here’s how it works:

  • You get your quotes and choose the car you want via our website – All makes and models available*

  • Your employer then leases the car from TCH Salsa

  • Your employer deducts the monthly rental for your car from your Gross (pre-tax) salary

  • Because it comes from Gross salary, you pay less tax and NI on the rest of your salary

  • This makes the net cost for the car less than what is deducted from your salary (the savings are shown on the quotations on the website for you)

  • The car is classed as a ‘benefit in kind’ by HMRC, which means you have to pay ‘Company Car’ tax on it, BUT:

  • The tax and NI savings will almost always substantially outweigh the Company Car Tax meaning you make an overall big saving!

*subject to eligibility and any employer restrictions

Want to learn more? You can contact us online and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about TCH Salsa!

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